Tax payer justice

This is what my taxes should pay for!

Federal budget referendum legislation that would create an annual “Sense of the People” procedure for April income tax payers to prognosticate their Proletariat judgment on pragmatic funding levels for U.S. Federal department agencies.

Annually, a US Federal Budget is produced that purports to articulate what is the good and appropriate that can be accomplished with taxpayers tax revenues.  It has been said: “a nation cannot long exist without revenue”.  So, Americans do pay taxes.

American taxpayers should also have a voice in determining how this tax revenue would be best spent.  Currently, the US Congress allocates tax revenues with legislation that even includes how fat is their own paycheck.

Here is the launch of the revolutionary means that taxpayers will vote on what they consider worthy that the US Government should allocate these tax revenues.

Here is now first proposed: In the future on each and every April 14th, when the IRS “opens its doors” to receive Americans taxpayer revenue, they will also receive and tabulate a formal official referendum document: “1040MyWay” that will itemize how each taxpayer believes it appropriate for the US Federal Budget to be allocated.

It is well past the time for taxpayers to have a direct voice, to vote, how US federal taxes would better be spent.  This “1040MyWay” referendum form can be collectively created via an interactive website that is managed by multiple respected taxpayer advocacy organizations.

This is the start of a US Federal Taxpayers Revolution.

Bear in mind the words of President John F. Kennedy in a speech at the White House, 1962:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”