Imigration policy

The answer to the migrant worker vs. immigration conundrum

There is a prescription for legitimate, national, illegal migrant worker reconciliation that requires only to be enabled by enlightened legislation in Congress.
It is a solution that requires everyone to give something to get something.

This comprehensive exposé is as American as corn-on-the-cob or an Apple Pie on a window sill. Extraordinarily, this solution will create the legal process to:
a) expunge America of illegal migrant workers who are looked upon by many with such distain as is reserved for squatters … or worse, as ardent criminals;
b) relieve America from the burden of intractable national angst and frustration;
c) enfranchise lawful productive migrant workers (with legally recognized assurance of the freedom to work with dignity), and
d) finally successfully seal America’s most porous national border from potential extremist religious radical insurgents.

Currently, illegal migrant workers, chiefly from Mexico, already in the USA, are not of the same motivation as was a USA immigrant following WW2.  Those WW2 immigrants came to America with no intention or interest to return to their birth place that they were literally escaping from.  With extraordinary courage and excitement, they wanted to be here as Americans, period.

Existing current illegal migrant workers, already in the USA certainly desire any form of opportunity to obtain a “Green Card” because it is currently the only fully legal means to provide the absolute assurance of freedom to come and go between America and their homeland.  This means Mexico!  With desperate hope for a chance to earn money to return home with, they want only to come and go as they are migrant workers, period.
However, a “Green Card” comes bundled with so much more than the option of two-way transit.  A Green Card includes the unconditional amnesty of American citizenship!  The concept of this, with the past transgression of having illegally entered the United States (and current transgression of consuming the social benefits of legal residents), is a hurdle which is impossible to jump over by most natural born Americans no matter how compassionate (or recognizing the value to the US economy) they feel toward illegal migrant workers.

The solution (b) is an alternate, but solidly secure, legal identification process guaranteeing the specific opportunity to perform work in America!
The crux of the solution (a) is how to accomplish the legitimate transition from “illegally entered” status to “legally authorized” entry status.  There is only one way to accomplish this to the satisfaction of most natural born Americans.  The reason that such a legitimate transition is mandatory must first be clearly understood.
In America, there have often been stories of someone caught, after many years, for having committed illegal conduct.  Still, they are apprehended and returned to the scene of their crime, to be held accountable for their past transgressions.  Such people often developed into outstanding people in their communities, with unlimited numbers of people vouching for their integrity … makes no difference, accountability is in America’s DNA and America suffers much when accountability is thwarted.  This feeling is deeply rooted in our national frustration with politicians; “Fix the problem; not the blame” is the worst brand of “Politics-as-Usual”.  “Fixing the problem” should be identifying the incompetent elected person who disgraced their public trust while getting a fat paycheck of taxpayer’s money, then to extract appropriate penalties of them for their transgressions.  Americans must have their reconciliation to heal!

Ask anyone who has lost a loved one to the actions of a thug or even simply a careless person.  It is not for vengeance, it is for restoring some sense of equitable confidence in our legal systems. So, current illegal migrant worker must be held accountable (a) for their illegal entry.  This will be accomplished by providing them with the only possible overpowering compelling reason to voluntarily submit themselves to this process but is emphatically not a Green Card with unconditional amnesty of American citizenship.

Solution (c), the legal entry authority for the legal migrant worker, whose only intent is to earn money in America (with having eliminated the omnipresent imminent threat of a one-way bus ride exit) requires a new form of legal authorized credentials (in the form of a “specific migrant worker identification means” of highly secure design) to carry on their person.  With this in hand, the authority is provided to simply be able to work with pride, and live as a human being with dignity as a legal migrant worker.  As allegiance to America is not expected or required, the unconditional amnesty of American citizenship is not rewarded.  This new secure identification means is only made available to the migrant workers who present themselves as legally entering migrant workers prior to crossing the America/Mexico border.  Their entry is specifically coordinated by US Federal government agencies with identifying all variety and skills of the migrant workers with the requirements of employers who require their specific services.  Solutions (a), (b) and (d) are fully defined and is described in the next chapter.

Viva la Estados Unidos.