ISSUE 1: Veto Top Two!

Proposition 14 was created by career politicians for the advantage of and benefit of career politicians but advertised with voter delusions. However, Proposition 14, “Top-Two“ can be ammended and modified to be turned into solid voter empowerment.  It takes an “outlaw“ to stop politics-as-usual (PU).
Here is the California U.S. Senator “outlaw“ candidate that has made “VetoTopTwo“  the “IssueTopOne“ for California voters on November 2, 2010.

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ISSUE 2: California’s Economy

California was the Fifth largest economy in the world during the 1990’s.
Now, in 2010, California is about Eighth the largest economy in the world.
Yes, California has lost a lot of productivity to the other states that those state legislatures have been wise leaders in creating an environment for prosperity and economic growth. But the international business flight from California has been greatly imposed on California technology companies by dramatically flawed federal political policy; Congress didn’t “get it”.

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ISSUE 3: Tax Payers Justice

Federal budget referendum legislation that would create an annual “Sense of the People” procedure for April income tax payers to prognosticate their Proletariat judgment on pragmatic funding levels for U.S. Federal department agencies.
Annually, a US Federal Budget is produced that purports to articulate what is the good and appropriate that can be accomplished with taxpayers tax revenues.  It has been said: “a nation cannot long exist without revenue”.  So, Americans do pay taxes.

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ISSUE 4: America’s future – California Starts November 2nd

The First Branch of the Framers` Constitution with the greatest pride in having created: CONGRESS.

In 2010 “Public cynicism of Congress couldn’t be greater.  Public approval couldn’t be lower.”  In this recent quote is the call for and demand for and solution for this #single most important reform effort that (all) Americans face just now”.  The corrupting American political infrastructure of: “dependency on campaign funding as unlimited private sources of unlimited volume of money”.
There are many reputable people and organizations throughout America with vision, plans and solid efforts to return U.S. Congress to the highest esteem that the Framers` believed that Congress was to achieve.

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ISSUE 5: Immigration Policy

There is a prescription for legitimate, national, illegal migrant worker reconciliation that requires only to be enabled by enlightened legislation in Congress.
It is a solution that requires everyone to give something to get something.

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