Experience: California and U.S. Federal

Silicon Valley Career, beginning 1960`s

Awarded three U.S. Patents in IC and Internet technologies

Launched four successful Silicon Valley companies

Author of original “Contract with America”, July 1994

Present “Contract” to Rep. Gingrich, Norcross, GA, August 1994

Publish original “Contract”, Library of Congress, February 1995

Collect voter signatures to qualify Reform Party, September 1995

Candidate, Rep. 15th Dist., First Reform Party Candidate (write-in), November 1995

Author of Petition for official list of write-in candidates at voter precincts, January 1996

Candidate, Rep. 15th Dist. (D), first open primary (Prop. 198, 1996) election, June 1998

Meet and endorsed by U.S. Ambassador William Montgomery to Croatia, January 2000

Representative of U.S. State Dept. as OSCE election observer in Croatia, February 2000

Candidate, Rep. 15th Dist. (D), primary election, March 2000

California election precinct station “Captain”, Santa Clara County, November 2002

Candidate, Rep. 17th Dist. (R), primary election, June 2004

Author of California Initiative, #1711, eliminate teenage alcohol abuse, July 2005

Training in California political process, Rose Institute in Claremont CA, September 2005

Training in Federal political process, Leadership Institute in WDC, February 2006

Training in U.S. Senate legislation process, The Capital Net in WDC, March 2006

Candidate, U.S. Senator (I-NP), General Election (write-in), November 2006

Author of California Initiative, #07-19, Nonpartisan candidates, June 2007

California election precinct station worker, Santa Cruz County, November 2007

Author of legislation for Junior Teenagers (14 to 18) to be “certified voters”, June 2008

Candidate for California Redistricting Commission (the Voters FIRST Act), December 2009

International political strategy coordinator in European Union, Jan-Aug 2010