Elect none above

California Voter instructions – How to: “ElectNoneOfTheAbove”
It is important to know how to properly mark your ballot and what if the ballot is not marked correctly.

How do I mark my ballot?

  • Use only a blue or black ballpoint ink pen. Do not use red ink pens, Sharpies, markers or any other type of pen
  • Make one single line to connect the head and tail of the arrow that points to your choice
  • To vote, connect the head and tail of the arrow that points to the candidate’s name

How do I vote for Write-In Candidate Connor Vlakancic?

To vote for the candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot, you must:

  1. Write the candidate Connor Vlakancic’s name in the space provided for that contest
  2. You must connect the head and tail of the arrow to the right of his name you wrote in.

If you write in Connor Vlakancic’s name without connecting the head and tail of the arrow, the card reading equipment will not “see” the vote and your write-in vote will not be counted.
Only votes for qualified write-in candidates will be counted. To be a qualified write-in candidate, the candidate must have filed the required nomination documents within the timeframe specified by law. A list of qualified write-in candidates is available at the polling place on Election Day, and the list is posted on The California Registrar of Voters website 13 days before the election.

Sample of a ballot for U.S. Senator from California, the order of the candidates varies over the 58 counties.

How can I make sure my ballot will count?

Ballots have to be clean of any stray marks or information that could identify you.

DO NOT sign your name on your ballot, write your initials, or write any other words or marks on your voted ballot – it will NOT BE COUNTED. Also, if you make a mistake and use an eraser to correct it, your original mark may make it unclear how you want to vote. It is best to get a new ballot and start over.

If I make a mistake marking my ballot, how do I fix it?

The best option is to get a new ballot. If you are at the polls, ask the precinct officer for a new ballot. If you are voting by mail, follow the instructions provided with your ballot packet.