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Become a write-in candidate where you live in the General Election, November 2nd 2010. There are over 500 electable U.S. Federal, California State and 58 California Counties to reform and win by write-in candidates. Just do it!
In the Gubernatorial recall election, October 7th 2003, there were 100+ candidates. There were 135 candidates who qualified for the ballot in this election, including 4 candidates who obtained at least 1% of the vote. Who could be a viable Nonpartisan candidate for Governor now?

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NONpartisan NOTaffiliated Independent

Experienced in producing California Constitutional Initiatives, Connor Vlakancic codified an Initiative Proposition, (07-0019), for signature circulation (Jul-Nov 2007), to pragmatically amend California’s election statutes to provide rational process for nonpartisan Independent candidates to qualify earning their position on the November General Election ballot. The initiative created a pragmatic version of a nonpartisan Contract with America with Nonpartisan-Independent candidates to engage America’s electorate with expanded interest in voting for their elected government.