Connor Vlakancic was born and raised in the rural environment of northern Illinois, close to the birthplace of California Governor and U.S. President Ronald Reagan and raised in a pragmatic traditionalist farming family environment where conscientious behavior and productive work was encouraged and respected.
His paternal Grandfather was of Croatian heritage from the Dalmatian Coast in the north Adriatic Sea, as a citizen during the end of Austro-Hungarian rule and immigrated to America in 1917.  His maternal Grandfather was of German heritage and immigrated to America in 1916.  Raised to be a traditionally typical American boy, he was not introduced to his heritage in his youth.  As an adult, his enthusiasm for learning his Croatian family culture has become an important part of his personal and business life.  He promotes family unity values and encourages everyone to learn and experience their own heritage to advocate and encourage their personal confidence.


Connor Vlakancic’s engineering career in the semiconductor industry of Silicon Valley, CA, spanned 1960’s to early 1980’s.  He founded a successful PC-compatible computer retail sales company in 1984.  During the early 1990’s, he was a design technologist in the emerging computer network systems standards.  During the mid 1990’s, he created a live videoconference company, Visitas Televideo, to provide family reunion “Familia Visitas” service, from San Jose, CA to Mexico City and Guadalajara, MX.  By the end of the millennium, he was a business due-diligence consultant for Silicon Valley small-business venture capital investors, and a business development executive at Netscape and Sun Microsystems.
He is currently a principal/partner in, AdriaComm LLC, a San  Jose, CA software company producing; ICU® weapons-grade-encrypted collaborative conferencing Internet communication solution.  Accordingly, he is an active member of the New York office of InfraGard (the public/private organization coupling the FBI with the security communications industry), with strategic highly relevant federal departmental security issues insight.  He is also Director/GM of 5STAR éSpirit L.L.C. a small-business food service company with product production in Istria, Croatia.
His education includes undergraduate and graduate studies in Chicago, IL and California universities.  He has many past memberships in professional organizations and has been a member of the Board of Directors of several corporations.  He has continued his business professional and leadership education in technology, small-business and nonpartisan federal policy development and holds a private aircraft pilot license (5,000+hours/PIC).
He has published technology articles in several computer magazines and has been a featured lecturer at Internet communications conferences focused in wireless messaging application solutions.  He was awarded three (3) US and international technology patents which were the foundation for starting small business’ (LLC’s and Inc’s).  His past & current membership in professional organizations includes The Commonwealth Club of California, The Churchill Club of Silicon Valley and The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.  He is a past Trustee in The Committee for Economic Development www.ced.org national policy think tank in Washington, DC.

Original “Contract with America”

His 1995 visionary dissertation: “The 1996 Federal Paradigm” is registered in the U.S. Library of Congress – Copyright Office www.copyright.gov (TXu000677205 / 1995-02-16).  It defines a 10-point “compact” to be formalized by the President of the United States through Executive Order.  He presented his vision of a “Cabal of Freshman Congressmen” to Rep. Newt Gingrich on Aug 14, 1994 which became a strategic section of the 1995 GOP Contract with America.  The visionary concepts of his: The 1996 Federal Paradigm forecast future national issues, which have become of dominant importance since September 2001.

Political Training, WDC

He has attended non-partisan leadership training at The Capital.Net in Washington, DC and The Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA, to develop his personal Congressional erudition and competencies.

Political Experience, international

In January of 2000, he was recommended by U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, William D. Montgomery, and selected by the U.S. Department of State to monitor international elections, during the 2000 federal elections, in the Republic of Croatia, for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) www.osce.org .

Political Experience, federal

He travels to Washington, DC in support of multiple federal legislative matters and California Diaspora concerns and supports American citizens’ firm understanding of their constitutional rights to empower their personal objectivity, self-determination and vigilance in their daily lives.

Political Experience, California

He was a vigorous advocate for creating the new Reform Party during the summer of 1996, collecting over 10,000 signatures from registered voters.  He has also spoken before legislative committees in California’s Capital on promoting electorate participation through innovative election procedures such as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and California legislative redistricting initiative http://www.wedrawthelines.ca.gov.

Political Experience, Candidate

He was the first candidate (Rep. 15th Dist.) in the new Reform Party in 1996 in November 1995 when Norm Mineta resigned from office saying: “It’s no fun when you don’t have your hand on the (money) throttle”.  The Reform Party was approved by Secretary of State in August, 1995.  Write-in candidates did not have legal formal proof to inform the voters of who was an official write-in candidate.  He petitioned the Secretary of State to publish an official list and was subsequently approved by Secretary of State in January, 1997.  Since that date, every election has this official list at every election precinct voter location.

He was a primary election candidate for U.S. Representative in 1995, 1998 and 2000 (15th District) and in 2004 (17th District) and for U.S. Senator in 2006 as a nonpartisan-Independent write-in candidate.  During his 15 years of political infrastructure efforts, he frequently served as an elections officer responsible for the operation of an entire voter polling location in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

Nonpartisan unaffiliated independent

Experienced in producing California Constitutional Initiatives, he codified an Initiative Proposition, (07-0019), for signature circulation (Jul-Nov 2007), to pragmatically amend California’s election statutes to provide rational process for nonpartisan Independent candidates to qualify earning their position on the November General Election ballot.  The initiative created a pragmatic version of a nonpartisan Contract with America with Nonpartisan-Independent candidates to engage America’s electorate with expanded interest in voting for their elected government.