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Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Vlakancic Advocates California “TopTwo” Reform


Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Vlakancic Advocates California “TopTwo” ReformSanta Cruz, CA, September 16, 2010 —
With the determination of “Right makes Might,” the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, Connor Vlakancic, launched his 11th hour write-in campaign as California’s candidate for the U.S. Senate (Independent nonpartisan patriot).
“Now in the throes of irreconcilable political jubilation and ‘buyer remorse’, California voters are facing their consternation of a future seemingly idealized ‘OPEN’ Primary Election that, too late, reveals a future ominously ‘CLOSED’ General Election,” says Vlakancic.  “Only the shameless political oppression of professional career politicians could perpetrate such a fraudulent voter deception on the independent-minded California electorate.”
Explaining that the entrenched malfeasance of the professional career politician’s duopoly status-quo political environment is at the center of voter consternation, Vlakancic reflected: “Am I now to be the last most electable-qualified write-in candidate in California?”  Vlakancic was the first Reform Party candidate in history as write-in candidate for Representative of California’s 15th Congressional District in the special election to replace Representative Norm Mineta in November, 1995.
“In the June 7th, 2010 Primary Election 5,173,477 California voters cast their opinion on Proposition 14.  Perpetrated by professional career politicians, it purported to provide a voter desirable open primary election, but failed to reveal the consequential restrictions embodied in permitting only two heavily financed candidates in the ensuing General Election.  Suppose one or both of those candidates turns out to be a Gary Hart or Duke Cunningham or dozens of other malfeasant professional career politicians?“ Vlakancic said.
“Proposition 14 prohibits political parties from nominating candidates in a primary, although political parties will be allowed to endorse, support or oppose candidates,” adds candidate Vlakancic. “Prohibiting political parties from nominating candidates in a primary election, paid for by the taxpayers, is a wonderful idea. It is the best form of ‘take money out of political elections’ that the taxpayers could ever hope for.”
Connor Vlakancic proposes an enlightened California Proposition that all future “Primary Elections” will require that political parties nominate their preferred candidates in some internal process, financed by the parties without taxpayer funding.  This would turn the November General Election into an “Open Election” of the political party nominated candidates, all political party not nominated candidates, also including all variety of Independent and non-partisan candidates. All voters would have unlimited option to specify their candidate preferences (including vilifying the corrupt or otherwise undesirable candidates).  The electorate selected candidate is the one that receives the voter’s 50%+ highest preference ahead of all other candidates.
“The current voter electorate of California must ‘dare to do their duty’ to pass on to California’s progeny such a comprehensive November General Election process that will be able to catapult the highest-quality candidates into office” said U.S. Senator Candidate Connor Vlakancic.